Summer’s last lunch?

Our dear friends Ian and Anna have moved to a new flat and last Sunday we came to visit for the first time.

The flat is large and light and situated just by the Thames. They can just open their doors to the patio, take a few steps further onto the grass and then they’re by the river. I probably don’t have to tell you how jealous we were, living in a flat without both balcony and patio.

With the doors wide open and the sun shining in, we enjoyed a lovely lunch. First salad, olives and garlic bread, followed by stuffed chicken breasts with feta and sundried tomatoes served with potato and broccoli mash, asparagus and green beans.

Ian had made a heartshaped cheesecake for dessert. Not heartshaped because he tried to be romantic or anything, but they had lost the regular tin while moving. 🙂

It was a perfect Sunday with great company and good food. Almost felt like it ended the summer, seems to be autumn from now on…

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